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Business Intelligence Resources

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Business Intelligence Resources ( is a Subject Tracer™ Information Blog developed and created by the Virtual Private Library™. It is designed to bring together the latest resources and sources on an ongoing basis from the Internet for business intelligence which are listed below. We always welcome suggestions of additional sites and resources to be added to this comprehensive listing and please submit by clicking here. This site has been developed and maintained by Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A.; Internet expert, author, keynote speaker, and consultant. His latest white papers include Searching the Internet, Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources, and Knowledge Discovery Resources 2013. All of his Subject Tracer™ Information Blogs and his white papers are available from

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1Cast - Your Digital News Stand

140kit - Free Open Source Twitter Analytics Platform - The Largest UK Directory Enquiry Service

10k Wizard SEC Filings

2010 Census

2012 Statistical Abstract of the United States

360View4U - Business and Finance Search Engine

50 Web Tools to Keep Tabs on Your Competitors

AboutUs - Information About Websites and Community Related Topics

Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources

Academic Business Libraries in North & Central America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific

Accoona - Super Target Your Search


Ad*Access Project

Adbeat - Instantly Uncover Any Advertiser's Online Strategy

Addict-o-matic - Instantly Create a Custom Page With the Latest Buzz On Any Topic

AdGooroo - Digital Marketing Intelligence

Advanced Searching GPO's Federal Digital System (FDsys) Training Video

African Development Bank Group (AfDB) - Statistics

AIS and Real Time Ship Observation

akama - Open Business Directory

Alacra Store - The Premium Business Information Source

Alacra Wiki - Guide To Business Information Companies, Publishers and Databases

ALA RUSA BRASS Professional Tools

AlertRank - Better Buzz Management for Google Alerts

Alexa Web Search - Directory of Conventions, Trade Shows, Convention Centers and Meetings


allvoices - Breaking News, Current Events, Latest News from All Voices

AlphaGalileo - World's Independent Source of Research News


Alterian SM2 - Social Media Monitoring and Analysis

AltLaw - Free Legal Search Engine

Alt Search Engines - Tracking All the Alternative Search Engines

Analogy Finder - Innovation Tool

An Introduction to Researching Private Companies

Annual Report Gallery

Anonymous Web Browsing - Wikipedia

Archify - What You See Is What You Search

Archive-It - Internet Archive's Subscription Service

Article Dashboard< br />

Articles, Abstracts, Documents, Papers, Reports, and Literature Resources

Asia Chronicle

Asian Development Bank (ADB) - Economics and Statistics

AttaainCI - Competitive and Market Intelligence Software

Attensity - Business Intelligence Solutions

Attentio - Track, Analyse and Understand Millions of Global Voices From Social Media

Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) eCirc Application

AusPat Beta

Authenticated Congressional Bills

Babelfeed - Single Language Mega News Feed Organized by Region and Category

BackgroundChecksWiki™ - A Community Built Knowledgebase for International Background Checks

BatchBook - Small Business Customer Relationship Manager

Beige Book 2012 - Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District

BERA - Business and Economics Research Advisor from the Library of Congress

Best of the Best Business Web Sites

Better Management - Business Intelligence

BI-DW - Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Directory

Bime - Online Business Intelligence Data Analysis and Reporting

BI Documenter

Big Boards - Directory of Forums and Message Boards

Big Web Stats

BingAgain - Bing Facebooked

BinSearch -- Binary Usenet Ssearch Engine

Biographicon - All The People of the World

BI Pathfinder

Birst - SaaS on the Web for Business Intelligence


Bizavo – Hidden Business Data Revealed

BizBuySell - Internet's Most Active Marketplace for Businesses and Franchises for Sale

BizInfo Finder

Biz Info Library (BIL)

Biz Journals - Amazing Insight for Business Today


Biznar - Deep Web Business Search

Biz Ref Desk Blog by Terese M. Terry, Business Librarian, Lippincott Library, Wharton School of Business

BizShark - Internet Business Search Engine

BizStats - Useful Business Statistics Online

blab - Predictive Social Intelligence

BlackLocus - Intelligence To Drive Your Competitive Pricing Strategy

Blazetrak - Search for Professionals and Opportunities

BlogPulse - Automated Trend Discovery for Weblogs

Blogtrottr - Delicious News Fed To Your Inbox


BookServer - Distributed Lending and Vending Over the Internet

BNET - Business White Papers, Webcasts and Case Studies

BoardTracker - Forum Discussion Search

BookMatch - Track Your Favorite Subjects Using Sticky Zines and Blog Search

Bots, Blogs and News Aggregators

Bottlenose - Smartest Social Media Dashboard

Brandwatch - Social Media Monitoring Business Technology Knowledge Portal

Broadlook Technologies - Business Intelligence

Bundlr - Web Curation Tool

BUBL LINK / 5:15: Countries and Continents

Business Anti-Corruption Portal

Business Dynamics Statistics, BDS

Business Filings Databases -- Updated's Small Business Search Engine

Business History Books

Business Information on the Internet

Business Information Searcher

Business Insider

Business Intelligence Books

Business Intelligence Center

Business Intelligence - Find White Papers

Business Intelligence Information Center - Intelligent Enterprise Magazine

Business Intelligence Knowledge Base

Business Intelligence Lowdown

Business Intelligence: Maximizing the Value of Information

Business Intelligence Network

Business Intelligence Portal

Business Intelligence: White Papers, Webcasts and Product Information

Business Journalism

Business People Search

Business Reference on the Net

Business Reference Resources

Business Research Intelligence

Business Research Links

BusinessResearch - Business Research Search - One Stop Source

Business Research Search Engine

Business Resources

Business Resources


Business Wire

Buzzcapture - Social Media Monitoring


BuzzFeed - Tracks the Web’s Obsessions in Real Time

BuzzGain - Aggregate Digital Influencers



BvDEP - International and National Company Information

BuzzTracker - All The News That Buzz Approves™

BzzAgent - Leading World of Mouth (WOM) Media Network

Cambrian House - Home of CrowdSourcing

Capital IQ - Financial Research and Analysis Tools

Capitol Words - Word Frequency From the Congressional Record

CAROL Company Annual Reports Online

Center for Business Planning

Center for Media Research

Centius - A Smarter Approach to Business Intelligence

CEO Express - Business Research Reports

Chamber of Commerce: The State of American Business 2012

ChangeTracker - Tracking Change In Washington

Channel Intelligence - Empowering Commerce

ChartSearch - Intelligent Data Search

ChatPast - Search, History and Pro Features for Chat

Check&Get - Professional Internet Organizer and Web Monitoring System

China Brief

China Vitae

ChoicePoint Online

Cipher's Archived Competitive Intelligence Articles Library

CI Resource Index - Comprehensive Stats on U.S. Cities - Data on Jobs, Relocation, Real Estate, Education, Hospitals, Travel and Crime

Clarkston Consulting - Business Intelligence for the Consumer Products and Life Sciences Industries

ClickTale - In-Page Web Analytics Business Intelligence

CloserLook - BizInfoFinder

Comintelli - Software Systems for Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management

CNN Money - Company Research

CNN Money - Industry Watch

COA Solutions - Business Intelligence Solutions

coComment - Your Window Into Conversations On the Web

Cogent Research - Market Research and Strategic Consulting

Cogmap - Wikipedia of Organization Charts

Collecta - Searching the Real Time Web

Collective Intellect - Real Time Market Intelligence

College Scorecard

Commentful - Blog Comment Monitoring

co.mments - Track Your Conversations

Common Crawl - Web Crawl Data Accessed and Analyzed By Everyone - Market Research Reports, Research Reports, Company Profiles and Financials

Company Buzz Application from LinkedIn

Company Check - Search UK Companies and View Full Financial Accounts

Company Filings and Forms Via EDGAR

Company Information Guide - Company Research on the Web

Company Research - Access Through State Sponsored Portals

Company Research Pathfinder from Rutgers University Libraries - Track Your Competition and Then Eat Their Lunch

Competition Finder Tool - Compare Websites

Competitive Intelligence - A Selective Resource Guide - Completely Updated - September 2013

Competitive Intelligence Magazine

Competitive Intelligence Portal

Competitive Intelligence Resource Guide

Competitive Intelligence Resources Internet MiniGuide by Marcus P. Zillman

Competitor Monitor - Monitoring Your Competitors Prices and Products

Comtex News Network

Comtex SmarTrend Alert

Conference Hound - Over 40,000 Conference and Convention Listings Beta

Congressional Committee Prints - Congressional Committee Publications

Congressional Research Service Reports, Hosted by UNT Libraries

Connotate - Intelligent Agent Technology and Competitive Intelligence Tools

Context Discovery - Text Summarization and Knowledge Discovery Tool

ContextMiner - Tools to Collect Data, Metadata and Contextual Information

Conversocial - Never Miss a Comment - Never Miss a Tweet

Corante - Technology and Science News and Business Intelligence

Corporate Information


Corruption Perceptions Index 2012

Country Background Notes from the Department of State

Court Records Free Reference and Directory

CourtWEB - Online Federal Court Opinions Information System

Cpedia (alpha) — The Automated Encyclopedia From Cuil

Crain's Chicago Business

Creating Intelligence from Big Data

Creepy - Geolocation Information Aggregator

Crime Maps by Trulia - Free Crime Reports

Crimson Hexagon - Social Media Monitoring and Analysis

CrowdSpoke - Community Powered News Platform

Curiyo - App Delivers Everything You Need to Know from Top Publishers, Social Networks and Bloggers

Current Awareness Discovery Tools on the Internet

Current Awareness Monitors, Alerts and Information Traps for 2010

Customer Service Numbers

CyberCemetary - Archive of Government Websites

Cybion - Online Business Intelligence

Cymfony - Market Influence Analytics

D&B Small Business Solutions - Comprehensive List of Open Data Catalogs Curated By Experts From Around the World

Data Finder - New Data Sets Search Tool from BLS

Datafiniti - Search Engine for Data

DataMarket - Find, Understand and Share Data

DataMasher - State Data - Mash It


Data Mining Resources

DataMonitor Business Intelligence

Datamyne - Import and Export International Trade Data

Datanami - Big Data, Big Analytics and Big Insights

Dataopedia - All Websites With All the Associated Data

DataSift - Powerful Social Data Platform

Daymix - Latest Informaion On Any Topic

DBpedia Knowledge Base

Dealipedia - Business Deal Wiki

Deep Web Research 2012

Delineal - Next Generation Decision Engines and eDiscovery Applications

DemocracyMap - Database of Government Jurisdictions/Entities, Their Websites, and Elected Officials Contact Information

Demographics Prediction

DEMO - The Launchpad for Emerging Technology

Dial A Human - Avoid Anoying Computer Answering Systems


diffChecker - Text Differences Between Two Files

Digimind - On-Demand Competitive Intelligence Software

DiscoverText - Import, Sort, Distribute and Analyze Electronic Content from eMail, Document Repositories, and Social Media

Discover Your First Tweet

DOC Cop - Plagairism, Cryptomnesia and Collusion Tool

DocJax - Search Engine for Documents

Docket Alarm - Search and Track Federal Court Dockets

DocStoc - Find and Share Professional Documents

DocumentCloud - Analyze, Annotate, Publish and Turn Documents Into Data

Doing Business Project - World Bank Group Objective Measures of 181 International Economies Business Regulations

DomainTools - The Recognized Leader in Internet Domain Name Intelligence

Dotcut - Sophisticated Online News and Press Cuttings

Drippler - Updates, News, Rumors and More About Your Gadgets

Dukten - Worldwide Database of Barcodes and Product Descriptions

Dutch Government RSS Feeds

Earth Inteligence Network


eBooks at GPO

eBusinessForm Global Business Intelligence for the Digital Age

ECNext Knowledge Center - Financial and Economic Research Center

eCommerce Resources

Econbrowser - Analysis of Current Economic Conditions and Policy

Economic Indicators for the United States of America

Economic Indicators from the Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research (FRASER)

Economic Opportunity Index (EOI)

Economic Statistics Briefing Room



EDGAR Full Text Search Beta

Edgar Online

Edgar Scan - Sales Leads from Your Documents - Search Engine for Documents

eFinancialBot - Your Global Financial Search Engine

eHealthcareBot - Search Engine for Healthcare Resources

EIN Finder

EIN News - World News Media Monitoring

ELECT.IO - Local Election and Voting Information

Election Fact Checking - Reliable Sites and Sources from LLRX

eMail Address Search Engine

eMarketingBot Search Engine

Emerging Market Economies in Central Asia

Emerging Markets Review

EmployeeScreenIQ - Employment Background Checks

EMPOWER - Business Background Search

Encyclopedias for Business Reference

Entopia - Solutions for Business Information Discovery

Entrepreneurial Resources

Environmental Capital - Daily Analysis of the Business of the Environment by The Wall Street Journal

Eqentia - Delivering Highly Tailored Verical News Environments for Knowledge Tracking, Competitive Intelligence and Media Monitoring

Equilibrium Solutions

Espicom Business Intelligence - Business Intelligence - Data warehousing - ETL

EULAlyzer _ Analyze License Agreements for Interesting Words and Phrases

European Central Bank Monthly Bulletin

Eurostat - Your Key To European Statistics

Eventful - World's Largest Collection of Events

Events Calendar - Never miss a Trade Show Again

EveryBlock - Geographic Filter Newsfeed of Your Neighborhood

eWallstreeter - Your News the Way You Want It

Executive Profiles Search Engine

Experfy - Assembling The World's Most Prestigious Data and Analytics Talent, Available To Work On-Demand

exploreB2B - Scale Your business with Intelligent Networking

FACSNET Reporting Tools - How To Read the Future in Financial Reports

FACTbroker - Business Intelligence Framework

FactCheckED - Directory of FactCheckers

Factery - Get Real-Time Facts Not Links


Fagan Finder

FAME - Database of UK and Ireland Companies

FBI Records - The Vault - Promoting Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Markets

Federal Business Opportunities

Federal Government Statistics

Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer

Federal Register - Daily Journal of the United States Government

FedScoop - One Stop Fed IT News Source

FedThread - Interacting With the Federal Register

FeedMyInbox - RSS to eMail

Feed Sifter

Feng-GUI - Feng Shui For Graphic User Interfaces™

Filtrbox G2 - Monitors Millions of Online Sources and Delivers Crticial Information

Financial Sources

Financial Times

Finding Experts By Using the Internet

Finding Industry Business Information

Finding People Resources

FindThatFile - Media File Search Engine

FINTEL - Financial Intelligence For Your Business

First Research

FiscalNote Prophecy - Search, Track, Analyze and Predict Federal and State Government Information

FITA Global Trade Portal

FlightAware - Free Flight Tracking Services

FOIAonline - Freedom of Information Act Online - Videos On People, Issues and Ideas Changing the Planet

Forbes 500

Forbes People Tracker


Fortune Company Profiles

Forumlogr - Connects You To The Best Threads

Freebase - Open Graph Database with More Than 23 million Entities

Free Government Information (FGI)

FreeLunch - Free Economic, Demographic and Financial Data

Free Patent Online - Patent Analytics and Patent Searching

Free Public Record Sites

French Government RSS Feeds


Frrole - Twitter Based Social Newspaper

Full- Great Way To Accomplish Your Goals

FUSE - Business Research Engine

Futurity - University Research Discoveries

fwisp - Discover and Share Business, Economy, Finance News, Articles and Videos

FX Links - Foreign Exchange Link Directory

GageIn - Uncover Business Opportunities

GazoPa - Similar Image Search

Geckoboard - Your Business In Real-Time

Geofeedia - See What's Happening Right Now, Anywhere

getAbstract Business Book Summaries - Thousands of Business Book Summaries Online

GetHuman Project - Advocacy Website and Database for High Quality Customer Service for Consumers

Giga Omni Media - Emerging Technology News, Analysis and Opinions

Gist - Know More About Who You Know

Gizmodo - The Tech and Gadget Guide Blog - See What Employees Are Saying

Glearch - Global Search By Country, By Language, and By Search Engine

globalEDGE™ - Your Source For Global Business Knowledge

Globalization & Economic Competitiveness - Industry and Company Analysis from Duke University Libraries

GlobalPost - A New Voice for Global News

Global Securities Information

GlobalSpec - Engineering Search Engine and Industrial Supplier Catalogs

Global Think Tank Directory

Global Voices Online

Gmail Meter - Advanced Email Analytics and Statistics

Gnip - Largest Provider of Social Media to the Enterprise

GoGoPlot - Track Anything and Graph the Results and Find Patterns

Golexa Search Tool - Complete Page Analysis

Goliath: Company Profiles, News, Business Reference Information, Lead Generation, Business Contacts

Google™ - Googling

Google Finance

Google Living Stories

Google News

Google Alerts

Google Public Data Explorer

Google Trends

gpodder - Discover and Track Your Podcasts

Government Attic - FOIA Logs and Documents

Government Bids, Government RFPs, and Government Contracts - Community Government Document Review System


GovTrack - Tracking the U.S. Congress

GSS : General Social Survey

Guide to Industry Research

Guide to Russian Business Information Resources

Hard To Find 800 Numbers

Harvard Business Publishing (HBP)

Harvard Business School Baker Library Business Research Guides

Harvesting Business Intelligence for Institutional Investors - Advanced Hashtag Search

Heartbeat - Social Media Monitoring Dashboard by Sysomos

Help Me Investigate

Historic Aerials - Aerial Photography From the Past to the Present

HitWise - Competitive and Search Intelligence for Online Advertising and Search

Hometown Locator - Community Contributed Reviews for Business Professionals

Hoovers Connect - Business Networking Tool

Hoovers™ Online

HousingWire - U.S. Housing Economy

HowSociable - Measure the Magnitude of your Brand

How To Conduct A Background Check by Genie Tyburski

How to Learn About an Industry Or a Specific Company

Hshtags - A Social Media Search Engine Dedicated To Hashtags

Hubii - Making News Social, Free and Available Everywhere At Anytime

Hypios - Social Marketplace for Solutions

i360Gov - Federal Government News

iBillionaire Index (BILLION)

IBM Cognos® Express

iCurrent - Personalized News and Information Service

Idea Database

IdeaScale - Idea Management, Innovation Managment, Crowdsourcing, and Customer Feedback

IDEAS - Internet Documents in Economics Access Service

Idea Trade Network (ITN)

IdentityWorks - Leadership Through Identity

IHS Goldfire: The Platform for Optimal Product Decisions

Image Seeker

Iminers - Press Release Database from Over 6500 Companies

ImpactWatch - Monitoring Made Simple

ImportGenius - International Trade and Competitive Intelligence Tools and U.S. Customs Database

Industry Information Resources

Industry Research from the University of Tennessee

Industry Research - ULS Digital Library, University of Pittsburgh

i-neighbors - Your Neighbohood's Home On the Internet

InfoAviator - Your Comprehensive Directory for Searching Free Court Records

InfoBionics - Flexible Data Mining Applications

InfoDome - Simple and Powerful Online Database

Information Retrieval Intelligence

InfoUSA Business Information

Innocentive - Open Innovation and Innovation Management - Where Problems are Solved

Innosquared - Collaborative Innovation, Expert Sourcing and Business and Technology Intelligence

Innovation Games - Ideas into Action

Intellectual Property Awareness Assessment Tool

Intellectual Property Databases - Searchable & Updated

Intelligence Center

Intelligent Enterprise Magazine

Intelligent Technologies - Business Intelligence In Action

International Business Resources Portal

International Business Tutor

International Journal of Business Forecasting and Marketing Intelligence

International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining (IJBIDM)

International Journal of Knowledge and Web Intelligence

International Monetary Fund - Data and Statistics

International Trade Resources

Internet Archive - Wayback Machine

Internet Experts

Internet Intelligence - Analysing Web-Sites For Competitive Intelligence By Arthur Weiss and Steve England

Internet Intelligence Index™ - Fuld & Company

Inventables - Material and Technology Marketplace

Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE)

Investigator's Toolbox - Online Resources for Researchers

Investors Business Daily

Investors Guide to University Startups

ipl2 - Reference Information You Can Trust

IRIN - Annual Report Resource Center

Irish Government RSS Feeds

ISI Emerging Markets

Italian Government RSS Feeds

ITDatabase - Precise Tech Media Research

ITHound - Business Technology Library

iTrake - Automated International Search Service for News and Current Events from the World of Finance

It's Trending - Real Time Feed of the Most Shared Content on Facebook

ITtoolbox Business Intelligence

iVedix - Business Intelligence (BI) Only Brighter

JasperForge - Open Source Business Intelligence

Jaspersoft - Open Source Business Intelligence

Jigsaw - Directory of Companies and Business Professionals

Jigsaw - Visualization for Investigative Analysis

Jobnob - Detailed Information About Salaries Offered by Thousands of Different Companies in the US

Juicee News

Judicial Watch - Promoting Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in Government, Politics and the Law

Just Spotted - Your Favorite Celebrities Are Right Here

Kazeon eDiscovery Software

Kazoup - Analyze Search Archive

Kellysearch - B2B Product Search Engine

Key Issues from GAO

Keyword Competitor Tool - Research and Monitor Competitors

KeywordSpy - Keyword Search and Tracking

KillerStartUps - Reviewing the Latest Start Ups On the Internet

Klipfolio - All Your Numbers United On One Business Dashboard

Kngine - Web 3.0 Search Engine Designed to Provide Meaningful Search Results

KNIME - Professional Open-Source Software

Knowledge4You - Transforming Data Into Knowledge

Knowledge Blocks - Turn What You Know Into Knowledge You Can Use

KnowledgeStorm - Public Records

Kompass - Worldwide Business to Business Search Engine

Kompetoo - Track Your Competitors Moves and Stay On Top of Your Industry

Kyoo Channels - Aggregates the Buzz Around Specific Topics

Lead411 - Comprehensive Business Intelligence that Accelerates Growth

Legal Resources

LexisNexis AlaCarte

Liber8 - An Economic Information Portal

Liberty Street Economics

Library of Congress Authorities

Linked Data - Connect Distributed Data Across the Web

Linked Open Data from the New York Times

LinkSViewer - Visual Network Analysis Research Engine

List of Open Access Business Journals

Listoid - User Created Lists of Everything

Lithium Technologies - Social Customer Solutions That Delivers Real Business Intelligence

LitleSis - Free Database Detailing Connections Between Powerful People and Organizations

Live Ships Map - AIS - Vessel Taffic and Positions

Living Wage Calculator

LogiXML - The Smart Choice for Business Intelligence

LucidDB - Open Source RDBMS for Business Intelligence

Luxury Intelligence, an International Journal (LIIJ)

Lycos Discussion Search

Lycos WhoWhere


Managing News - RSS/Atom Based News Tracker With Search, Republishing and Mapping

Manta - Business Information and Research

Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)

Map of the Market

Mapping for Results: The World Bank

MapStats - Mapping Tool

Market Intelligence Resources

Marketo Sales Insight

Market Research Library Search - U.S. Commercial Service

Market Visual Search - Business Realtionship Search Engine

Mashpedia - Real Time Multimedia and Social Encyclopedia

MeansBusiness - 20,000 Ideas From Today's Top Business Experts

Media Patterns - Detecting Patterns in the Global Media Content

MediaVantage - Media Intelligence and Public Relations Management

Megite - What's Happening Right Now Social News Aggregrator

MelissaData Free Address Lookups and Verifications

Meltwater Buzz - Innovative Social Media Monitoring Tool

MemeTracker - Tracking New Phrases Over the World Wide Web

Memonic - Keep the Essential Information

Memonic - Knowledge Management Curation Tool

Mention - The Ultimate Monitoring Tool

Mergent - Transforming Data Into Knowledge

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions - Most Recent Deals

Mergers and Acquisitions Super Searchers

MergerMarket - Mergers and Acquisitions Intelligence - Online Community for Dealmakers

MetaVid - The Open Video Archive of the U.S. Congress

MetroMonitor - Interactive Barometer of the Health of America’s 100 Largest Metropolitan Economies

Microsoft Business Intelligence

Middle East Report Online

Mineful - On Demand Web-Based Market Research Software

Miner3D - Visual Data Analysis Software for Business Intelligence and Science

Mint Portal - Business Intelligence and Business Information

MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

MixRank - Find New Customers Fast

MoneyTree Report - Venture Capital Investment Activity

Moniitor - Website Monitoring and Ranking

Monitoring, Analysis, and Interpretation Tool Arsenal (MAITA) Project

monitter - Real Time Live Twitter Monitor

Monthly Bulletin of Statistics Online (MBS)


Moreover - News Categories with Daily Mailings/Alerts

Moreover – News Categories with RSS Newsfeeds

Mozenda - Comprehensive Web Data Gathering

MSN Money

Muckety - Exploring the Paths of Power and Influence

MuckRock - Government Tool Powered by State and Federal Freedom of Information Laws

myDIALS - Personal Business Intelligence

MyFeedMe - Always On, Always Looking, Always Learning

My Free Email Search

MyGengo - Simple Good Quality, Low Cost Human Translation

MyMediaInfo - Media Contact, Editorial Calendars and Profiles

NameChk - Check Username Availability at Multiple Social Networking Sites

Namedroppers®- Domain Name Search Engine

NASD BrokerCheck: Check the Background of Your Investment Professional

National Association of Legal Investigators – Investigator Links

National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

Nationwide Directory of Public Records Resources

NetProspex - Crowd Sourced Business Contacts Verified For Accuracy

NETR Public Records Online Directory

New Economy Analytics, Resources and Alerts

New England Center for Investigative Reporting

New Media Intelligence - Web Monitoring

Newsdesk 4 - EastTo Use Business Intelligence SaaS Application - Gathers, Analyzes and Communicates Real-Time News

Newser - Know More News While Searching Less

Newseum Today's Front Pages


Newsle - News About Your People


Newssift - Next Generation Vertical Business News Search Tool

NewsTin - Multilingual News Search

NewsWhip - The Fastest Spreading News - The News With More Views - The Next Generation of Feeds Designed to Manage Information Overload

Nieman Watchdog Journalism Project at Harvard University

NM Incite - Advancing Social Media Intelligence

NNDB - Intelligence Aggregator of Noteworthy People

Non Disclosure Agreements and Forms - Bus Easily From Suppliers Across the World

Northern Light Business Research Engine

Northern Light's Market Intelligence Centers - Everything About Your Subject For the Past Two Weeks

Nstein Semantic Site Search: Site Search That Works

NTIS Search Engine Provides Archive Access Back to 1964

Nuggety - New Vertical Search For Any Topic

Numeria - The Clearest View of a Firm's Value

OECD Economic Outlook

OEMSecrets - Free Electronic Component Search Engine and Sourcing Website

Ohloh - Open Source Network

OhMyGov - Tracking the Influence of the Nation's Most Influential

Omgili - Find Out What People Are Saying

Onalytica - Transforming Online Buzz Into Knowledge

OneSource Online Business Information

OneStep Industry News

One2OneResearch - Expert Market Reseach and Analysis

Online Research Tools

Online Research Tools and Aids for Finding Federal Records

Oodle - Search Engine for Local Classifieds

OpenBusiness - Sharing Business Models


OpenCorporates - The Open Database of the Corporate World

Open CRS Network - Congressional Research Reports for the People

Open Government Guide

OpenI - Open Source Business Intelligence for On-Demand Deployments - Center for Responsive Politics

Open Source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Tools and Resources

OpinMind Blogger Opinion Search Engine

Opportunity Alert for Digital Media Partnership Opportunities

Outsell - Intelligence and Advice for Publishers and Information Providers

PartnerUp - Find Business Partners, Commercial Real Estate, and Business Resources

Party Time - Documenting the Political Partying Circuit - Patent Search, Patent Community and Patent Exchange

Patent Tools - Save Snapshot of a Web Page Forever

Peer39 - Semantic Advertising Solutions

PeerIndex - Discover the Authorities and Opinion Formers On a Given Topic

Pentaho BI Project - Open Source Business Intelligence

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industries BI and CI Resources from Carnegie Mellon University

Pipl - Deep Web People Finder

Piwik - Open Source Web Analytics Platform

Placeblogger - Find Blogs and Feeds from Places You are Interested In

PlagTracker - Accurate Plagiarism Checking

Planet Metrics - Rapid Carbon Modeling Carbon Footprint Business Intelligence

Platfora - Clarity From Big Data

PointOfMail - eMail Tracking, Control and Security


PopUrls - Popular URLs to the Latest Web Buzz

Power 150 - Top Media and Marketing Blogs

Practical Business Intelligence Techniques and Tools

Pressmart - Electronic Newspapers and More

Pretrieve Search - Free Public Record Search Engine

Priceonomics - The Price Guide for Everything

Price Spyder - On-Demand Business Intelligence

PrivCo - Private Company Financial Intelligence - Pros and Cons of Controversial Issues

Productscan Online

ProntoSEC : Intelligent Insider Trading Data

Propeller - Social News Portal

ProPublica - Investgative Journalism In the Public Interest

PSFK Collaborative Trend Spotting Site

Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER)

Public Records Online Directory

PublishersMarketplace - Track Deals, Sales, Reviews, Agents, Editors, News

PubSub - Real Time Research Keyword Matching, Monitoring and Alerting Service

PunditTracker - Bringing Accountability To The Prediction Industry

Qitera Follow™

Qitera Market and Customer Intelligence Alerts™

QL2 Software - Unstructured Data Management and Web Mining Software

QlikView Business Discovery Platform

Quandl - Search Over 7,000,000 Financial, Economic and Social Datasets

Quarkbase - Website Information, Analysis and Research Tool

QueryTree - Visualize and Understand Your Data

Quibb - Professional Network To Share Industry News and Analysis

Quill - Artificial Intelligence Engine

Quixey - Find Apps That Do What You Want

Quirks - Worldwide Market Research Resources

Radian6 - Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

RAD URLS - The Raddest Stuff On the Internet

Rankur - Social Media Monitoring and Online Reputation Management Tool

RapidMiner - Open Source Data Mining Tool

Reachli - Create and Share Engaging Posts for the World To See

Realtime Products - The Social Media Data You Need, The Moment You Need It - Twitter Brand Monitoring with Intelligence

Recorded Future - Intelligence Analysis Tool for Open Web Sources

RecordsBase - Public Records Search Engine and Online Genealogy Resources - What's New and Popular Online

Red Lion Data - Quality Business Location Datasets

ReferenceUSA - Information on Businesses and People

ReportLinker: A Comprehensive Deep Web Crawler

RGE Monitor - Monitoring Global Economic and Geostrategic Issues

Release 1.0

ReportBuyer - Market Research

Reportstack - One of the largest online Library of Market Research and Business Intelligence - Instant Communities in Real Time with Viral Analytics and Viral Search

Research Resources

ResearchSEA - Asia Research News

ResearchWikis - Online Library of Free Market Research

Resonancers - The Most Resonant Tweeps

Resource Nation - Profit Through Knowledge

Resources for Industry Analysis

Resources for International Business from Rutgers University Libraries

Resources on the Internet for Business Journalists

RFE: Resources for Economists on the Internet

RiotFeeds - Discover the Freshest Information On Your Favorite Topics Using Your Twitter Account

Rite Tag - Maimize Your Tweet's Chance of Discovery Via Hashtags

RivalFox - Competitor Monitoring and Reporting

Rocket News

RowFeeder - The World's Simplest Tweet Tracker

RSSMapper - Your Feeds On Your Map

RSSMicro - Dedicated RSS Feed Search Engine and Directory

SamePoint - Social Conversation Search Engine

ScanSocial - Search Diggs

ScienceDaily -Your Source for the Latest Research News

ScoopGO! - Create Search Engines That Search Feeds You Use

Scoopler - Real Time Search

ScoopWeb - Easiest Way to Get a Scoop On your Favorite Topics

Scout - Get Alerts When Congress or Your State Capitol Talks About Issues You Care About

Scout Labs - Social Media Monitoring, Measurement and Management Platform

ScrapeShield - Monitor and Track Misuse of Your Content

searchCrystal - Search Visualization Tool

Search the EDGAR Database

Search SEC Providing Retrospective Searching of S.E.C Filings

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SEC Info

SEC Online Publications

Secretly Meet - A Line for Your Private Encounters

Sehrch - Structured Search Search Engine

Sharperlight - Simplified Intelligence

Siebel Systems - CRM Software Solutions - Customer Relationship Management on Demand

Silobreaker - Online Search Service for News and Current Events

SimilarSite Search - The Best Place to Find Alternative Websites

Simply Measured - Social Media Analytics for Sophisticated Marketers

Site Meter - Real Time Website Tracking and Counter Tools

SizeUp - Business Intelligence for All

SizeUp - Business Intelligence Tool Offer Free By SBA

Skimzee - Summarize, Search and Read Feeds All In One App

Skype Auto Recorder

SkypeCap - Saving Audio and Video Sessions From Skype

SkyMinder - Fee Based Credit Reports and Business Information on Worldwide Private and Public Companies

Slantly - Opinion and Discussion

SlideShare - World's Largest Community for Sharing Presentations and Slideshows

Social Buzz Bot - The Business Intelligence Search Engine for Social Communities

SocialMention - Real-Time Social Media Search and Analysis

SocialSav - Track Competitors, Monitor Performance, Keep Pace With Trends

SourceMap - Where Things Come From

South Asia Analysis Group

SpagoBI - Open Source Business Intelligence

Spanish Government RSS Feeds

Spiderbook - Obtain Valuable Information About Your Prospects

Spike - World's Best News Tracked with Social Metrics

Spiral16 - Monitoring Software for Web and Social Media

Spoke - Find Business Information

Spotplex - What People Read Most Today

Spredfast - Social Media Management

SpringWise - Your Daily Fix of Entrepreneurial Ideas

SproutPitch - Elevator Pitch Videos from Startups

SpyFu - Download Your Competitors' Profitable Keywords

SpyPig - Free email Tracking System

SpyRush - Revealing Hidden Web Networks

Squeezed Books - Business Knowledge - Extracted, Compressed, Discussed

SRC on Business Intelligence Resources

Stanford Network Analysis Platform (SNAP)

StartUp Library From MaRS Market Intelligence

Startuply - Startup Companies - Startup Jobs

State Business Filings Dastabases

State Energy Profiles from the Energy Information Administration

Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2011-2012

Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific 2008

Stimulus Watch - Keeping an Eye On the Economic Recovery Spending

strategy+business - Quarterly Magazine and Web Site by Booz Allen Hamilton

Strings - Track, Share, Discover in Social Networks


Supreme Court of the United States Wiki : Unofficial SCOTUS Wiki

Surfulater - Knowledge Building Software

Survey of Buying Power Online

swabr - Enterprise Microblogging Services

Sysomos - Social Media Software for Brands, Businesses and Agencies

Tableau Public - Publish Interactive Data To the Web

Tailrank - Tracking the Hottest News in the Blogosphere

Talk Digger - Find, Follow , Join Discussiuon Evolving On the Internet

TalkMiner - Search Inside 25903 Video Lectures and Talks

Talkwalker - Social Media Monitoring Tool

TechDirt - Business Intelligence

Tech Limelight - New Way to Organize and Interact With Tech Information

Tech News Collection

Technical Reports and Working Papers in Business and Economics

Techmeme - Latest Technology Happenings

Teepin - Harness The Power of Ideas

Tehpage - Bringing You the Most Updated and Hottest Information On the Web

Telonu - Rant, Rave and Rate Your Workplace and More

Texas Digital Newspaper Program

Texifter - Search, SaaS, Sort, Classify and Analyze

TextChannels - Social News Aggregator

TextRunner Search - Searches Hundreds of Millions of Assertions Extracted from 500 Million High-Quality Web Pages

The 2012 Statistical Abstract - The National Data Book

The B-Eye Bridge

The Big Money from Slate - Synthesis of Financial News and Tools

The Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Glossary

The Business Journals

The Center for Business Intelligence

The Company Corporation Incorporation Services

The Confidential Resource - Sources and Methods for the Investigator


The Government Domain: Tracking Federal Dollars

The Internet for Competitive Intelligence by By Amelia Kassel

The Library of Congress State Resource Guides

The Memento Project - New Ideas Related to Web Archiving

The Most Useful Sites for Reporters

The One Million Tweet Map

The Penn World Table

The Search Monitor

The Wall Street Journal Briefing - Vital Intelligence on China - What People Are Clicking On Today

The World Bank - Data

ThingBuzz - Hottest Stuff On the Web

Think Tools

ThinkUp - New Ideas Come From Conversations

This We Know: Explore U.S. Government Data About Your Community Comprehensive Product Search

Thomas Register

TIBCO Silver™ Spotfire® - Business Intelligence and Analytics

TIME: Inside Business

TimeOP - Business Intelligece for Tracking Productivity Metrics

TinderBox - Create, Manage and Track Proposal and Other Business Communications

Todoist - World's Most Powerful To-Do List - Top Forty Hottest Songs

TopicFire - Live Breaking News

Top Internet Sites for Business Research

TraceWatch Real Time Web Stats and Traffic Analysis - Business News and Information - Track, Connect and Share

Trackle - Your Personal Tracker On the Web

TrackMaven - The Competitive Intelligence Platform

Trackn - Mobile Tracking Service

Trackur - Online Reputation Monitoring & Social Media Monitoring Tools

Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)- Protect Your Trademark Online

Trademarkia - Free Trademark Search Online

Trendero - Find and Follow Trends

Trendistic - Track Trends on Twitter - Discover the World's Current Trends, Right Now

Trendrr - Track Compare Share

TrendsBuzz - Follow The Latest Searched Words

Trends to Watch by the Pew Center On the States

Truemors - Breaking Rumors and News

TruthSquad : Fact-Check the News

Truth Teller - Fact Check in Real Time Speeches

TV News Search & Borrow - Search 350,000 News Broadcasts

Twapper Keeper - Tweet Custom Archives

Tweetag - Browse the Twittosphere

TweetBeep - Like Google Alerts for Twitter

TweetHook - Twitter Data Pushed To You

Tweetizen - Discover Tweets That Matter To You

TweetMene - Popular Twitter Link Aggregator

TweetReach - How Far Did Your Tweet Travel

twendz - Mining and Exploring Twitter Conversations and Sentiment

TwentyFeet - Ego Tracking Service

Twilert - Twitter Search Alerts Via eMail

Twing - Forum Search and Community Discovery

Twitonomy - Twitter Analytics and Much More

Twitter Search - See What Is Happening Right Now

TwtrLand - Visualizes Social Footprints

twXplorer - Smarter Way to Search Twitter

TypePDF - Search for PDF Online Documents

UCLA Library Broadcast NewsScape

uMark - Photo Watermark Software for Windows and Mac

Umbria - Mining the Blogpsphere and Public Forums

UNdata - Data Acess System to UN Databases (32 Databases - 60 Million Records)

Understanding Consumers through Online Competitive Intelligence By Patrice Curtis

UnderTheSite - Investigate the Technologies Used By Your Favorite Websites

Uniworld - Who Opeates Where Worldwide

UNdata - Data Access System To UN Databases

UN Pulse - Alerts to Just Released United Nations Information

URateStuff - Consumer Based Product Reviews

://URLFAN - Blogosphere Popularity Intelligence

URLinfo - Track USA Spending

U.S. City and County Web Data API

US Cluster Mapping - Mapping a Nation of Regional Clusters

U.S. Government Manual

U.S. Government Printing Office’s (GPO) Government Book Talk!

U.S. Government RSS Directory

Vault - Career Information

Viewsflow - Multiple Perspectives, Analysis and Insights Into Global Business

ViralHeat - A Unified Suite for Social Media Marketing

Visible - Social Media Monitoring for the Enterprise

VisitorVille: Fun, Accurate, Professional Stats for Your Website

VisualPing - Visual Website Monitoring Simplified

VitalRec - Comprehensive Resource for Locating Vital Records

Wall Street Executive Library

Wall Street Horizon - Earnings Calendar

Wall Street Journal

WAND - World Access Network Directory

Wanfang Data - Leading Provider of Chinese Information

Wavii - Personalized Feeds for Selected Topics Automatically Generated

Web Control Room - All Your Small Business Information, The One Place, Free

Web Intelligence Consortium

Web Mining - Business Intelligence

Web Ranking Tool

Websites Like - Alternatives for Over One Million Websites - Receive Tasty Website in Your Inbox - Trends from Sources We Trust

Webtrends - Global Leader in Mobile and Social Analytics

WeGoLook™ - Internet Fraud Protection

weSrch - Virtual Science Forum Professional Networking

WhalePath - On-Demand Business Research

WhitePaperFinder - Leading Source for IT Whitepapers

White Papers by Marcus P. Zillman

Who Is Hosting This - Tool for Web Hosting Discovery

WhoISrequest Tool - Social Media Gateways Search Engine

WikiCity - City Wiki for Every City

WikiInvest - Research About Companies and Investment Concepts

Wikileaks - Global Defense of Sources and Press Freedoms, Circa Now

Wikimedia Public Data Dumps

Wikirank - What's Popular on Wikipedia - All the News About WikiLeaks In One Place, Updated In Real Time

WikiSeer - Keynotes of Text in Real-Time

WiseRadar - Know Your Market Better Every Day

Woofaa - Social Media Monitoring

Wopular - News and Search Aggregagtor - Meaningful Precision Search for Text Data

WorkStreamer - One-click Business Listening - Follow Your Customers, Competitors, Prospects, Partners, Vendors and More

WORLDBI - Business Intelligence On the Web

World Development Indicators

World Economic Outlook Databases(WEO)

World Trade Indicators

WTO Statistics Database

wURLdBook Research - Personal Internet Intelligence

XING - Unique People Discovery and Search

XML Federal Register - Bulk Data and Daily Files


Yahoo! Competitive Intelligence

Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance News

Yalwa - Business Directory

Yaplet - Chat Room on Every Site

Yauba - The World's First Privacy Safe Real-Time Search Engine

YCharts - Economic Indicators by Category

YellowBrix - Real Time News and Web Content Solutions

Yellowfin - Making Business Intelligence Easy

YouNoodle - Browse StartUps and Find Exceptional People (YE)

Your Version - Real Time Discovery Engine

Zanran - Search Engine for Semi-Structured Data On the Web


Zee's SQL BI Blog - Beginning Business Intelligence with SQL Server

Zepol Corporation - Import Trade Data

Zhift - Forums Search Engine

Zillow - Real Estate Sales and Values - Discover Trending Videos Real-Time

ZoomAtlas - Mapping Every Square Inch of America

ZoomSphere - Detailed Statistics of Major Social Networks

Zombal - Scientific Outsourcing

Zycon - Industrial Directory, Engineering Resource and Vertical Search Engine

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